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Why "Flex" POD?

 We created the FlexPOD when a client who has multiple POD Systems around his city asked for system as small as our Satellite PODs that he could put in "hot spots".  He didn't need it to record more than a couple of days and he didn't need it to be connected to the rest of the PODs.  We named it the FlexPOD because it can work as an independent system or be part of an already existing camera system.


What is a FlexPOD?

Like all our PODs, the FlexPOD is quick to deploy and only requires power. The difference is video is recorded directly to the micro-SD card in each camera and can also record back to the client’s existing server if needed via Wi-Fi or cellular. The SD card can be the sole video storage or be a backup if wireless or cellular* to the client’s existing server fails.

Compare size of PTZ FlexPOD to 2 liter bottle

The cameras on the FlexPOD have video analytics capabilities like Object Removal Detection and Intrusion Detection. Also standard in the cameras is Starlight Technology which has longer distance coverage and illuminates better than standard IR. Video that is black and white on standard IR can be made clearer, in color, with Starlight Technology.

The FlexPOD comes in multiple configurations starting with 2 stationary

cameras up to a 4 camera combination of 3 stationary with 1 PTZ.

*Cellular router is optional at an additional cost.