Custom Mounts

Different mounts are available to make installation easy - pole, flat, corner and even parapet mounts.

Cell Signal Booster

For PODs in areas that have weak cellular signal, the Cell Signal Booster can help.  At 50dbi and always searching for the best signal, it can help improve your cell connectivity.  

IR Floodlight

Some areas are too dark for a camera's IR lights.  The IR Floodlight can illuminate an area like a floodlight but using IR lights that only the camera can see.

Solar Power Unit

The Solar Power Unit can power the smaller Satellite PODs. It's 50Ah Li-Ion battery and 100 watt solar panel helps make this unit portable.   

Network Rebooter

As with all electronics, a reboot is necessary sometimes.  With the Network Rebooter, you can reboot your POD remotely or via wi-fi.