Security Lines US specializes in custom surveillance systems. 

    We design and build systems that help solve many issues that businesses, cities and law enforcement face today.  We are dedicated to find the solutions that are pro-active and cost effective.

Integrating today's most cutting edge technology, our systems are versatile and easy to use.  In direct partnership with manufacturers and software developers, SLUS can build a surveillance system to meet your needs and your budget.

POD Systems
Innovative Plug'n'Play Technology

i4-POD i2-POD

Our PODs are portable surveillance systems designed to be on site, on demand.  Just add power and within minutes, you can be viewing live or playing back recorded video from any computer via internet.   Click here for more info 

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Solution for Law Enforcement

Follow & Catch a Tagger
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Solution for Business

Copper Theft Caught in the Act
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