POD Features

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


DVRs are built-in servers in our Digital PODs.  They have a 6 channels: 4 analog for cameras on the POD and 2 IP for cameras for the optional Satellite POD.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)


NVRs are built-in servers in our IP PODs.  They have 16 channels, all IP: 4 for cameras on the POD and 12 for optional Satellite PODs.

Storage - Hard Drive


Video is recorded to an onboard surveillance hard drive.  Digital PODs come standard with 2TB and IP PODs come standard with 4TB.  Both can be upgraded to 12TB in one POD.

Cellular Router


Digital and IP PODs come with a cellular router with an embedded modem.  It requires only a SIM card from your provider and it allows for remote live view, search, and playback on your laptop or smartphone.

Extended Wi-Fi


When cellular signals are weak or the video file  is too large to download via cellular, you can connect your laptop to the POD using the wi-fi signal coming from the wireless transmitter included with each POD.

No Required Licenses or Monthly Cloud Fees


Software and Smartphone App are free.  No per camera license fees or monthly cloud storage fee. The only recurring fee is for the cellular option.